Landmark natural capital project passes peatland restoration milestone

Press release on scottishbusinessnews.net | 19/03/2024

PAR Equity (‘Par’), the Scottish-based forestry investment fund manager, Aviva Investors, the global asset management business of Aviva plc, and Scottish Woodlands Ltd, today announced that the first phase of peatland restoration has been completed in an ambitious natural capital scheme in the north-east of Scotland.

Planning Work Continues

August 2023 included the launch of an updated Concept Map and a public drop-in session at Stachan Hall to let the community know how things are coming along.

There will be ongoing discussions with Scottish Forestry, NatureScot, Aberdeenshire Council, SEPA, and other key stakeholders to finalise the woodland design at Glen Dye Moor.

We are also pleased to announce the first phase of peatland restoration is now approved and will begin in September 2023.

Q&A portion of the Issues Log

Following early stage consultation a number of questions were raised by interested groups, agencies and the local communities. The Q&A section here includes responses to these questions which outline our approach to each topic.

Concept Map

Ecology Summary & Map

An overview of findings can be found here resulting from extensive survey work looking at the current flora and fauna at Glen Dye Moor.

Archaeology Report and Maps (public version)

Results from archaeological surveys can be found here. These outline the rich history of this place. Cultural heritage sites with are potentially sensitive have been removed from the map to avoid risk of disturbance.

Those interested are invited to review the archived documents below from our initial consultation work in 2022

Get in touch

If you’d like to contact us regarding our plans for Glen Dye Moor please feel free to complete the form below and we’ll take your comments into consideration.

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