People and Places

The Glen Dye Moor site will be open to the public and local communities will have the opportunity to use buildings and land which can contribute to community wellbeing and future development, in line with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

We are committed to enhancing public access through improvements to paths and trails throughout the site.

We have agreed a lease with the Mountain Bothy Association to secure future access and usage to ensure that they can continue to manage and maintain a stone bothy on the site. We look forward to working with them and continuing to provide public and member access to the bothy

Community groups

Conversations are being held with local mountain biking groups to ascertain how best to accommodate their needs at the site.

Part of the site is used by the Glen Dye Rifle club for full bore rifle target practice and competitions and this will continue.

The North of Scotland Gundog Association has historically used the site for field trials and we will be supporting this activity in future.

We are particularly keen to facilitate the use of the site by local schools, colleges, and universities to utilise the site for educational and research purposes are anticipated. Through our discussions with Feughside Community Council, we are already planning to involve local Scout groups in activity on the site. We welcome representatives to get in contact with us via the website to explore this further.


Glen Dye Moor is also home to a variety of wildlife and maintaining habitat and improving biodiversity are important elements of the project.  Protected species and sensitive habitats present will be carefully managed to ensure vulnerable ecosystems are maintained and enhanced through woodland creation and peatland restoration activities.

Riparian and freshwater habitats will be enhanced through bank stabilisation and reduced run off from restored peat sites reducing flooding events and erosion.

Shading of tributaries through careful planting of native species will help to increase leaf litter for invertebrates and reduce peak summer water temperatures, improving conditions for salmonid species.

An overview of findings can be found here resulting from extensive survey work looking at the current flora and fauna at Glen Dye Moor.

Woodland Creation

At Glen Dye Moor, a broad mixture of woodland types are being assessed to ensure that ‘the right tree is planted in the right place’ to meet the overall objectives of the site